Supplying locally produced Ag-Lime to the Wide Bay since 1990.

What is Ag-Lime?

Agricultural Lime, also called Ag-Lime, is a soil additive made from pulverised limestone. The primary component of Ag-Lime is Calcium in the form of Calcium Carbonate. Marule Ag-Lime has 31% Calcium as Calcium Carbonate. Ag-Lime from Limestone cannot have a calcium level higher than 40%.

A percentage of the Silica is available to plants and animals, making it a great soil additive for all purposes.

Additional material percentages can vary significantly between sources of Ag-Lime, as it's mined from different locations, which have different levels of minerals in the mines.

The Composition of Our Ag-Lime

  • 31% Calcium
  • 6% Silica
  • 0.59% Iron
  • 0.25% Magnesium
  • 308 mg/kg Phosphorous
  • 201 mg/kg Potassium
  • 376 mg/kg Manganese
  • 28.7 mg/kg Zinc
  • 8.87 mg/kg Copper
  • 58.4 mg/kg Sodium
  • 25 mg/kg Sulphur
  • 22 mg/kg Cobalt
  • 37 mg/kg Boron
  • 0.06 mg/kg Selenium
  • 80 Neutralising Value

 * This list is a typical representation of the composition of our Ag-Lime, mined in the State Forest in Booyal, Australia

The benefits of using Ag-Lime

Supplies essential Calcium and also increases and maintains soil pH, which optimises nutrient availability.

Improves soil structure, improves drainage and soil aeration, releases more nutrients from organic matter, enhances microbial activity in the soil.

One of the best benefits of Ag-Lime is that it's a high value, low-cost material.

Further information about Ag-Lime

  • Is essential for maximum yields
  • Is essential for maximum benefit from fertilisers
  • Improves stock health and growth


  • Is removed by crop offtake
  • Is removed by use of fertilisers
  • Must be replaced for good farming practice

Spreading Services Available

We're also available to spread Ag-Lime onto your soil, making your Ag-Lime purchase even easier. Check out our spreading service page for more details.


If you're in the market for quality Ag-Lime, get in touch with us to see how we can help.