Supplying locally produced Ag-Lime to the Wide Bay since 1990.

What is Cal-Mag?

Cal-Mag is a carbonate mineral primarily compromised of Calcium and Magnesium.

Our Cal-Mag is the perfect fertiliser for raising the pH level of soils and provided a boost of magnesium. If your soil has a low pH, and you're growing crops that require high levels of magnesium to grow significant yields, then our Cal-Mag is right for you.

The Composition of Our Cal-Mag

  • 18.85% Calcium
  • 8.68% Magnesium
  • 8.01% Silica
  • .93% Iron
  • .03% Phosphorous
  • .27% Potassium
  • .05% Manganese
  • 31 ppm Zinc
  • 9 ppm Copper
  • .27% Sodium
  • .08% Sulphur
  • 7 ppm Cobalt
  • 10 ppm Boron
  • .5 ppm Selenium
  • 80.6 Neutralising Value

* This list is a typical representation of the composition of our Cal-Mag, mined in the State Forest in Booyal, Australia

The benefits of using Cal-Mag

Supplies both Calcium and Magnesium to the soil while also having a neutralising value.

Can be mixed according to the percentage of Magnesium that your crop requires - We mix the CalMag using Marule Ag-Lime and Magnesium supplied by QMAG.

Corrects Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies and any acidifying issues associated with most soil fertilisers

Spreading Services Available

We're also available to spread Ag-Lime onto your soil, making your Ag-Lime purchase even easier. Check out our spreading service page for more details.


If you're in the market for quality Cal-Mag, get in touch with us to see how we can help.