Supplying locally produced Ag-Lime to the Wide Bay since 1990.

Calculate the Difference in Quality

Marule Lime has excellent quality lime, but not all lime deposits are created equal. Use our Lime Calculator to compare other lime prices against ours by using both price and composition.

Ag-lime works to improve soil structure, increase yield and improve stock health.

At Marule Lime we can offer you

Impartial, honest advice
Impartial, honest advice

Backed by years of experience as a farmer and miner, Kevin can provide logical common sense advice to help you implement your soil test results, to solve soil quality problems and make a plan that brings the results you want for your farm.

High-quality local products
High-quality local products

Our natural mineral supplements are locally mined, keeping transport costs low and providing a cost-effective solution for you. As an independent supplier, smaller lime loads are not a problem.

Expert spreading services
Expert spreading services

We use computer operated self-unloading spreader systems so we can get the job done quickly and efficiently and get out of your hair – and our skilled spreader driver won't make a mess of the place. 

What are the benefits of Ag-Lime?

  • Improved soil structure
  • Is essential for maximising yields
  • Is essential for maximising fertiliser benefits
  • Improved stock health & growth
  • Is removed by crop offtake
  • Is removed by use of fertilisers
  • Must be placed for good farming practice
  • Is a high-value, low-cost material

If you're looking for quality Ag-Lime products, get in touch with us to see how we can help.