Supplying locally produced Ag-Lime to the Wide Bay since 1990.

What is Hi-Trace?

Hi-Trace is a mix of many naturally occurring mineral elements. Our Hi-Trace has a significant Calcium and Silica content, along with all the other elements listed below.

Our Hi-Trace provides improved soil structure, aeration and drainage, improved stock health, and protects your plants with a rich amount of nutrients.

The Composition of Our Hi-Trace

  • 16.9% Calcium
  • .54% Magnesium
  • 21.72% Silica
  • 1.2% Iron
  • 507.2 ppm Phosphorus
  • .06% Potassium
  • .21% Manganese
  • 54.6 ppm Zinc
  • 18.2 ppm Copper
  • .02% Sodium
  • 37.6 ppm Sulphur
  • 13.97 ppm Cobalt
  • 20 ppm Boron
  • 340.6 ppm Nitrogen
  • 44.5 Neutralising Value

 * This list is a typical representation of the composition of our Hi-Trace, mined in the State Forest in Booyal, Australia

The Benefits of Using Hi-Trace

Hi-Trace has a naturally occurring mix of Calcium and trace minerals, with low neutralising value. It's a high value, low-cost material.

An all-round soil enhancer. It comes from a marine deposit, so it has a great balance of those minerals found in the sea.

Slow working and balanced, it improves the soil drainage, aeration and improves microbial activity.

Spreading Services Available

We're also available to spread Ag-Lime onto your soil, making your Ag-Lime purchase even easier. Check out our spreading service page for more details.


If you're in the market for quality Hi-Trace, get in touch with us to see how we can help.